Live-max commodity summary

Live-max 12700
Substance size: H16×W37×D35.5 (cm)
Live-max 9000
Substance size: H13×W39×D36 (cm)

Live-max 12700 merit

* Program functional loading. Output pattern freely combination

Program function as a being accustomed prevention function combines output pattern of 20 types depending
It is the electric potential remedy vessel whose combination of maximum of 4,096,000,000,000,000 sort is possible.

With backstop of 3 type further sense of relief

The case where excessive electric current flowed to the circuit and the machine which inspect the electric floor plug coming out the case where excessive voltage was required for the circuit and the machine in order to prevent accident, the circuit in order to prevent accident, the backstop of 3 types is loaded onto live-max 12700.

* With local remedy and thermal remedy comfortable remedy

The local pen it depends on applying to the region which has Cori pain directly, it warms thoroughly to deep part of the body, “local remedy” and, with thermal pad use with, please try the remedy which responds to the taste “thermal remedy” whichever.

* four effects effect of electric potential remedy vessel

There is an effect in the headache stiff shoulders chronic constipation insomnia.


About live-max

* You can experience at the COCOROCA Smile Plaza

You can experience live-max 12700 electrification at the“COCOROCA Smile Plaza” of the period limited meeting place which the COCOROCA corporation sponsors. With COCOROCA in cooperation with the supermarket and shopping center of entire country, period limited promotion meeting place “COCOROCA Smile Plaza” is held at approximately 40 places of entire country.
As for the free experience campaign of live-max 12700 nationwide where very popular! 1 days 1 time 20 minutes, sitting down in the chair for the experience, you can experience the curative effect of “live-max 12700”.

The staff “of COCOROCA Smile Plaza” would like to have knowing the commodity even alone in many ones, when and in many ones we would like to have becoming even alone vigorous, it is the smiling face full with anytime.
Not only explanation of the commodity, the effort which conveys healthy importance you do not miss.
And the customer becoming individually from heart warmhearted than what, by the fact that it touches, “COCOROCA Smile Plaza” the adviser Toshi the customer, and the place of the community of the customer fellow has aimed toward the fact that it is accustomed.
In order inside the meeting place even alone to many ones the COCOROCA commodity is made to know, through the communication where the vigorous lively healthy adviser is intimate, concerning the commodity of course thing, it offers also knowledge and the information regarding healthily to the customer together. First “seeing is believing”, if, there is an experience place at neighborhood, turning on electricity experiencing, realizing the live-max 12700 effect, how, probably will be?

Long title Electric field medical equipment
Type of equipment Live-max 12700 live-max 9000
Medical equipment
Approval number
21400BZZ00516000 and 20600BZZ01100000
HAPI mark
Entire sale origin COCOROCA corporation
〒108-6022 Tokyo Minato-ku port south 2-15-1 the Shinagawa inter- city A ridge 22F
Free dial 0120-556-556 TEL: 03-6711-9305 FAX: 03-6711-9325

* Business contents

- Medical equipment for home (high electric potential remedy vessel) plan, development, production and sale
      (Second kind medical equipment production and selling business permission acquisition)
      Handling commodity/LEGASIS PLUS, energy Rio, live-max 12700

As a dealership of 1989 January interchange high pressure electric field electric potential remedy device, Kanagawa prefecture Yokohama city Kohoku Ku thickly in tail town establishment BIOTEX
It develops 1995 October “live-max 9000,” starting sale
It develops 2002 December “live-max 12700,” starting sale
Modifying 2005 April trade name to the “COCOROCA corporation”
Acquiring 2007 January medical equipment repair industry
2007 February “live-max 12700” patent 1 case acquisition
It develops 2007 March health food “balance guide”, starting sale
It develops 2008 January “LEGASIS PLUS” “energy Rio,” starting sale
2008 September “LEGASIS PLUS” “energy Rio” patent 4 case acquisition

Made in Japan