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  • Recently, live-max of popularity zooming. It provides the experience meeting place inside the major company super site and large number comes with term of endearment of “Live Live House” “Live Minutes” and so on with the store experience person the large crowd. In order to raise the collection customer power of the meeting place, as for the person in charge vigor has done to be good the connection customer brightly. Being accustomed prevention function to be attached, no sort thing combination is possible.
In addition live-max product >> LEGASIS PLUS and Live-max 12700
Live-max 9000 specification
Medical equipment approval number 20600BZZ01100000
Electric supplies control method type approved number Electric potential 91-51682nd number
Thermal 81-21771st number
Rated voltage AC100V
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Electric power consumption Electric potential section: 9.9W thermal pad: 39W
Electric potential output 9000V/6000V/3000V
Local output 1100V (crest value)
Timer time At the time of electric potential and section 20 minutes 40 minutes 60 minutes
At the time of thermal mode 20 minutes 40 minutes
External size (substance) Width 390 x depth 360 x height 130mm
Gross mass Approximately 8kg
Total sales agency / Manufacturer COCOROCA CORPORATION
Country of manufacture Made in Japan

For live-max 9000 part standard set

Electrification seat / Focal pen/ Ion sensor / Thermal seat / Power cord / Insulated rubber / Instruction manual /Insulated mat

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